Detecting Goodies
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The time has come to close my Detecting Goodies shop.  

I am just inundated with my leatherwork, and cannot split my time over the two shops any more.  

Some items I will still be selling through my Leather Holster Shop, so take the time to have a look.

Many thanks to all my customers over the years, and no doubt I will be bumping into some of you at the odd dig.

For anyone looking for
Western Rigs, American Civil War bags, or even leather trowel holsters, please visit

A small selection of leather goods are displayed in this shop, but many more can be seen at
The Leather Holster Shop

Welcome to Detecting Goodies!  The Little Shop of Stuff!, selling odds and bods around the world!

You never know where thing will take you, and for me, I've had to make a hard decision.

I have been involved in leatherworking for about 18 months now, and never realised how much it would take off.

To reach the next level of quality, I cannot maintain the same range of products, and develop the higher level of skills to match my leatherworking customer's demand.

So, with that in mind, I am going to be winding down the range of detecting products, to give me that time needed to devote to other skills.

I have also been promising myself for a couple of years now, to take more time off and do that semi-retired thing I keep talking about.

Many thanks to all my customers, who have made this little hobby of mine into a world wide thing, and has allowed me to meet so many lovely people.

Feel free to contact me with any queries or ideas regarding detecting goodies.
tel. 01506 494 365

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